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Start 100 New Conversations With Spiritually-Open People In Your Community

Build a system to consistently connect and nurture new relationships with spiritually open neighbors every week... before they ever step foot inside your church.


*U.S. applicants only

Connect with 100+ new people in your area over the next year
Build a process to engage neighbors in your city consistently
See life-change through Gospel-driven relationships

Do you want to talk to people who are spiritually open in your own zip code?


People want to talk about how faith & life relate. How do we know? We've connected over 189,000 individuals to churches across the nation.

People today are lost, disconnected, and feeling a host of other unmet felt needs. They long for connection and the hope of a Savior. We call these people "Explorers."

When you join our FREE cohort, you will learn how to connect and start 100 new conversations with spiritually open people that live right in your city.

Get trained on the methodology you need to connect spiritually-open Explorers to the Gospel in your city.


*U.S. applicants only

Meeting new people in your community doesn't have to be difficult.

Meeting new people in your community doesn't have to be difficult.

With the 100 Conversations Challenge, you’ll set up a process to connect to new neighbors every single week.

In just 4 weeks, you'll be on your way to reaching 100+ new people in your zip code who want to talk about their own felt needs and their faith.


*U.S. applicants only


Join the 100 Conversations Challenge that starts on February 5.


Set up a reproducible process to connect with new people every week.


Start over 100 new conversations over the months ahead.

We know what you need to build relationships with spiritually-open neighbors.


We've helped over 6,000 churches connect with over 189,000 spiritually-open Explorers.


Hear from those who have previously taken up the 100 Conversations Challenge

One of the biggest hurdles in evangelism seems to be identifying spiritually receptive people. This program helps you leap over that hurdle by bringing those people directly to your inbox. If you're looking for a tool to help establish a connection with your community and minister to real needs, this will be a great opportunity. And take the principles you learn from this to apply to other areas of evangelism in your ministry. This is a win-win.

Jay Jones
The Pentecostals, MI

I have been looking for a way to impact people's lives for the Gospel in an on-line way and the texting idea was awesome. It is something I feel I can do and God has called me to do. The way to interact with Explorers were awesome and eye opening for me.

Marc Webb
Idaville Church, PA

We KNOW people are struggling throughout our community and we want to reach them but we didn't have the means or capability to do it the way we wanted and needed to. With this program we've been able to connect with more people who wouldn't have even known about our church (out in the middle of a corn field) but now are getting connected to their faith finding help for their needs and we are building a bigger footprint for Jesus.

Red Hickey-Sember
Prince of Peace, WI

*U.S. applicants only


Get ready to learn from a digital evangelism veteran.

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is founder of Church Growth Workshops and host of the Church Growth Summit. He’s served as Church Online Pastor at one of Outreach Magazine’s Fastest Growing Churches. Strategic marketing clients include American Bible Society, Wesleyan Church denomination, The United Methodist Church denomination, California Baptist University, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and other ministry organizations. Kenny is Editor-in-Chief of ChurchTechToday.com. He is also the creator of the ART of Engagement framework and speaks frequently at events such as Exponential, Salt Community, and Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes conference on digital engagement strategies. Kenny earned his M. Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, MBA at Columbia Business School, and BA at Duke University. You can connect with Kenny on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What other church leaders are saying about the 100 Conversations methodology.


"Was able to connect with a woman over our shared experiences and give specific help to her unique issue. God-ordained matching! It's so brilliant, it's just, it's so brilliant."

Sarah Hester
Valley View Christian Church

"We've received more Explorers through Gloo than from other programs similar to this. It's been really great. So whatever you are doing to get Explorers to us, keep doing it."

Jason Morris
Westside Family Church

Many churches struggle to find and nurture spiritual Explorers in their communities. That's why we’ve created a cohort for pastors to learn how to utilize technology to build real, sustainable, transformative relationships with them.

When you are equipped with the methodology to build 2-way relationships with Explorers, you can live out your mission to connect more people to the Hope and Redemption of Jesus.